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How BuyingPeers communicates to its teams of consultants in the field
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50% of active users

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212 onboard users

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30 hours of training 

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Buying Peers - Consulting firm - Paris - 212 Employees

Background information

How does BuyingPeers communicate with its teams of consultants in the field?

BuyingPeers is a consulting and training firm dedicated to the purchasing function. The company uses Cocoom to support its consultants on a daily basis at various customer sites. To maintain a strong link with its remote teams, BuyingPeers uses a human axis (sharing on newcomers, team discovery) and a business axis (sharing best practices, homogeneity of practices and practices), these two axes allow to have remote teams working together.

The Cocoom answer

Cocoom's strength for remote teams

Cocoom allows you to:

  • Facilitate frequent field trips and short formats
  • Monitor the progress of a project thanks to adapted templates
  • Share about the company's vision and project
  • Organize actions and analyze the benefits

The most used models

The most used templates

Adapted templates

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