How Delville Management leads & engages interim managers
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73% of active users

Users are trained and trained to use the system

24 onboard users

number of hours of training provided

20 hours of training 

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28% of authors

Delville Management - Paris - 200 Employees


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How to animate & engage interim managers when you are a consulting firm 

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The Cocoom answer

Thanks to Cocoom, Delville Management's interim managers are more informed, more engaged and more effective.

Cocoom allows you to:

  • Ensure that information is properly circulated among employees 
  • Create a link: Cocoom offers a space where they can share
    their field experiences, business problems, etc...
  • Better Interact and involve managers (events, surveys, etc...)
  • Lead the management community 
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Delville management managers de transition

Consulting firm?

Communicate better with your managers and ensure the circulation of your strategic information

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