How Generali broke silos within its customer relations department.
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Generali - insurance - Lyon - 141 Employees


Background information

How did Generali break down the silos in its customer relations department?

Generali is a company ofinsurance. Generali's objectives are to ensure good internal communication within the customer relations department in order to have better internal communication in general and more communication around processes.

The Cocoom answer

Cocoom's strength in federating through internal com'.

Cocoom allows you to:

  • Encourage the sharing and consultation of simple information
  • Encourage field returns
  • Discuss the company's vision and project
  • Organize actions and analyze the impact

Yohan Legeay

Junior Project Manager - Change Management at Generali


Who are you?

My name is Yohann Legeay, at Generali, I work on process automation and customer relationship transformation issues, notably through artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA).
I am also a business interlocutor on digitalisation issues in the broadest sense. I am also working on the GSC 2.0 project (Generali Customer Service 2.0) which aims to meet and challenge employees as well as managers to identify areas for improvement on a set of themes related to the relationship client.
This project aims to involve around "the construction of the customer service of tomorrow" and to put in place action plans from the axes of improvement identified.

What is the challenge for you of digitalization in a large group like Generali?

Today, digitalization impacts all organizations, the relationships that are part of it and the environment globally. These changes are becoming faster, more frequent and require agility and flexibility. The goal is not to suffer them but to remain an actor. We need to shake up existing models to create new ones. Our businesses and activities tend to evolve, as do the offers offered. There are real issues here, we are only at the beginning.

What led Generali to work with Cocoom?

An investigation was circulated in the services and what came out was that the information had to flow better. We used a lot of e-mails.

What is the challenge of working with Cocoom?

We have an activity that is very broad while being multi-site in terms of management, transmission, monitoring and control of information. In my opinion, it's easier to do everything on one tool than through emails or mail. The tool has many features that make our lives easier.
For example, if we encounter a suspension on a telephone line, a Cocoom post keeps all services up to date very quickly. This avoids making an email that goes through the manager and then has to be sent to dozens of employees. Information flows quickly to all those who need to be kept informed.
The information is bottom-up (business information that comes from employees) and top-down (procedures that come from managers) depending on what needs to circulate.

In your opinion, did the arrival of Cocoom create a link between the employees?

Yes, Generali has several sites, we don't all know each other personally. For example, enriching your profile allows you to get to know your colleagues better. Some even share information or anecdotes! We went beyond the "name, first name, phone number" profile.
By going through the profiles, we get to know better the people with whom we are used to working but whom we see only occasionally.

Do you see an impact on external services?

Customer service is a showcase for the company: the more consistent the communication, the clearer the service rendered. Cocoom has allowed us to improve access to information and to standardize it. In fact, the customer relationship becomes more fluid and of better quality.

Cocoom is a platform but it is also an accompaniment. What can you tell us about that?

We have a population that is very diverse at Generali; some have an appetite for digital, others less so. Cocoom's support has enabled employees to be involved in the co-construction of the platform. Indeed, the concept of co-construction is very important because we want this platform to correspond to their needs and help them in their daily lives.

Cocoom accompaniment in three words?

Dynamic, playful, creative. In my opinion, they reflect the state of mind that governed the accompaniment. The animation of the workshops facilitated exchanges and creativity to co-build the platform and define the rules of the game that frame its use. The support also helps to disseminate and reinforce the state of mind around the platform and to convey Cocoom's stakes.

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