Soluti collaborative solution
How Soluti optimizes its internal communication in the context of hyper-growth 
Number of active users

100% of active users

Users are trained and trained to use the system

30 onboard users

number of hours of training provided

16 hours of training 

Number of contributors on the Saas Cocoom platform

40% of authors

Soluti - web agency - Lyon - 30 Employees

Background information

How Soluti optimizes its internal communication in the context of hyper-growth 


Soluti is a web agency. The problem is to ensure good internal communication in the context of their hyper-growth. The objective is to establish better internal communication and create more interactions between employees.

The Cocoom answer

Cocoom's strength in federating through internal com'.

Cocoom allows you to:

  • Encourage the sharing and consultation of simple information
  • Encourage field returns
  • Discuss the company's vision and project
  • Organize actions and analyze the impact

Alexandre VALLIN

CEO Founder

To answer which problem did you choose the Cocoom solution?

Several geographical sites, onboarding of new employees and retention of information.

How does Cocoom respond to your problem?

Digital internal media with a great user experience.

What types of information do you currently share with your employees in your Cocoom?

Monitoring, employee presentation, sports activities, surveys: all the extra pro and employee presentation. For the pro, we have Confluence...

What did you think of the support provided around the creation and deployment of Cocoom within your company?

In a word: top. 

In the context of a hypergrowth company, how do you think Cocoom helps to share important information?

They stay! They stay! All media are drowned in drives, emails and other tools.

What benefits do you see in the installation of a Cocoom for a company in a growth phase?

Structure your approach, your internal communication and free speech.

In the end, how would you summarize Cocoom?

Release your internal communication in a structured way. Stop losing important information and build together the evidence of your DNA.

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You use Microsoft Teams

And you are looking for an effective intranet solution for sharing your key information? Test Cocoom!

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