Ecological advice

At work, as in everyday life, our actions have an impact on the environment. It is therefore important to watch over how we consume and change, even a little bit, our daily habits.



The first question to ask yourself, when you want to be more responsible and greener in the office, is how you get to work! Your home-to-work commute certainly represents the largest part of your impact on the environment on a daily basis.
This includes active mobility (cycling, rollerblading, walking, skateboarding, scooter, etc.), public transport or car-sharing or carpooling solutions. If we want to push the solutions a little further, we can even consider setting up a company travel plan or promoting teleworking.



The second way to be green and responsible in the office is to control energy, if you heat or cool too much, you
wastes energy. It's the same with the lighting! So what can we do? The temperature must be set so as to remain within the most appropriate averages. There is no need to heat to 23 degrees in winter or to cool to 17 degrees in the middle of summer. A temperature around 19 degrees is generally considered ideal for work. In summer this temperature will be difficult to reach, so we think about adapting our clothing, summer and winter.



Reduce waste.

It is estimated that an employee consumes more than 70 kg of paper each year in various forms! But there is also waste, coffee capsules, plastic cups, cardboard dishes, touillettes, and also supplies, which can easily be wasted. And of course the sorting that is not always well done.
Consider reducing your paper consumption to what is necessary, printing both sides and using recycled paper. But that's not all, you can use cups instead of disposable cups, turn off the light in rooms where you are no longer and review the recycling rules.

Master your IT equipment.

Computer equipment represents an estimated carbon footprint of 360 kg of CO2 per year and per employee!
The goal is therefore to extend the life of your equipment by taking care of it and promoting its reuse. You can also reduce the amount of email sent, an email represents an average carbon footprint of 19 grams of CO2! In addition to reducing their quantity, consider reducing their size. A little info in addition, after 30 minutes of absence it is better to turn off your computer than to leave it in standby.


Adapt your working conditions.

There are many solutions here! Any examples? Use plants to clean up indoor air in offices. Adopt mechanisms to maximize natural light in the premises, such as mirrors, in addition it is good for morale, health and productivity. Waste sorting is being improved and even a composter for food waste (coffee grounds, peels and leftovers) is being considered.

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