Cocoom raises 500,000 euros and makes digital transformation a lever strategic to unite around the company project

Lyon, December 5, 2018 - Cocoom, the internal media that brings together all employees around the project and corporate culture, announces a €500,000 fundraising campaign with the B612, Kreaxi and several Business Angels including Patrick Bertrand. Created in 2017, Cocoom brings the company's culture to life and supports change management by facilitating the sharing of key information through a hybrid solution. 

It is an internal media that allows all employees, from management to operational staff, to share articles on the vision, action plans, feedback from the field, company life, etc. on a daily basis. Each client follows a two-month support programme to co-construct the media and involve its employees. Cocoom then guides it in the publication of key information using a structured and personalized method. 

A hybrid solution: a clever mix between digital platform, method and usage support

Cocoom's founding team is composed of Anne-Laure Plessier, Hervé Bérard, Lionel Balme and Daniel-Hakim Hammadi. Coming from the world of software and pedagogical engineering, the Quartet has relied on its complementarities to create a service that combines human support and digital tools. 

"We want to create a new type of software for the development of information in companies," explains Anne-Laure Plessier. 

"Thanks to the human dimension of Cocoom's support, we are turning a simple digital platform into a real tool for cultural transformation for the company," continues the young founder. 

It is these intersecting perspectives that allow Cocoom to develop an ever more complete user experience, thanks to innovations in ergonomics and a detailed observation of usage in the field. In addition, the collaborative internal media integrates seamlessly with existing information systems such as Slack, SharePoint® or Teams.

 Rémi BERTHIER, Senior Account Executive and Investor, said: "KREAXI is very pleased to support COCOOM in this first round of seed financing. We were seduced by an enthusiastic, complementary and pragmatic team. Their hybrid and collaborative communication solution is very well designed and in tune with the times. We believe that their approach can really make a difference in a competitive market, with a very clever mix of platform, method and onboarding support. 

Their first customer references are there to prove it. We are convinced that COCOOM is taking off well to free up internal communication and mobilize employees. »

Recruitment of 5 new talents in Lyon and Grenoble

To achieve this ambition, Cocoom has recruited 5 new employees since September 2018: marketing and communication manager, business developer, development engineer, communication manager and community manager. The team of 9 people is divided between Lyon and Grenoble. 

"We are committed to bringing all our talents into the Cocoom corporate project and applying what we recommend to our customers. The key is to share our vision and define clear objectives. In fact, we work on the why and let the employees do the how. Above all, we must give meaning to our actions" analyses Anne-Laure Plessier. 

Convert new ETIs and Key Accounts to the Cocoom solution

Cocoom already collaborates with major groups such as Alsico, Metrohm, Dimo Software and Generali France. Cocoom now has a 100% renewal rate. The platform has 95% active users, 69% daily users and a contribution rate of 32%. "This customer satisfaction is our greatest pride and motivates us to target new ATEs and Key Accounts," enthuses Anne-Laure Plessier. 

"We aim to become a key management tool on the market to meet the growing needs of companies in terms of employee engagement and change management," says Cocoom's co-founder. Florence HESTERS, Director in charge of Intermediate Customer Relations and Quality of Service at Generali, says: "The work with the Cocoom team was disconcertingly simple. 

The participative working groups were real team building moments for our employees. For our customer service, Cocoom is really an ultra-adapted solution. 

Cocoom has enabled us to manage the multiplicity of information required by our customer relationship managers to better respond to our customers' requests. Cocoom also made it possible to relieve overloaded mailboxes and avoid "areas of non-coverage" (employees on holiday during a meeting, multi-site communication...)".

Cocoom is a Lyon-based startup created in 2017 by Anne-Laure Plessier, Hervé Bérard, Lionel Balme and Daniel-Hakim Hammadi. Its ambition is to bring all employees together around the company project. 

It offers an offer to increase employee engagement, share the company's culture and support change management. This solution includes a method to guide each employee in the publication of strategic information as well as support to engage and acculturate employees. 

This new way of communicating thus takes place on an aesthetic and dynamic internal media. In short, Cocoom is the internal media that unites all employees around corporate strategy.

They also talk about Cocoom:

"Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a human adventure. I was seduced by the Cocoom team and its ability to combine varied know-how to design a very successful and innovative solution. 

Cocoom offers an effective and powerful internal media for companies undergoing major changes and need to involve all their employees in the permanent transformation that today's world requires. I am very happy to be able to support this great team and to accompany it in its development. "Patrick BERTRAND 

"Cocoom deploys an innovative and original solution that allows each employee to feel involved in the life of their company. The Cocoom platform, in the spirit of the times, puts the individual at the centre and strengthens the links within the company. 

On a daily basis, Cocoom's team fully embodies the values of sharing its solution. The B612 is proud to support and see the Cocoom team evolve for more than a year now. Through its investment vehicle, the B612 also supports the startup in its development. "Sylvain BRISSOT - Deputy Director of B612 

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