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Setting up a collaborative platform for your company (digital workplace) and boosting its performance by choosing the right collaborative tool?

Online collaborative tools allow employees to work in a single workspace that is customized and adapted to their needs. This way, they can centralize all their documents, all their tasks, their calendars and work together on different projects. Everything is up to date in real time and accessible from different spaces (computers, tablets, mobiles...). This way all the teams work with the same objective, in an efficient and collaborative way. They share all the knowledge, save time, are more autonomous, but also more motivated and aligned with the company's vision!

There are many different collaborative tools for working in a company, but not all of them have the same objectives, so they must complement each other, but not accumulate, and each tool must be used for specific purposes so as not to create confusion!

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What is a collaborative tool?

Online collaborative software allows employees to work in a single workspace. Thanks to these tools they can centralize all their documents, the tasks they have to accomplish, share their calendars, but also work together, exchange, divide the work, help each other... They thus become more mobile as soon as their tools become accessible on all their devices (smartphone, tablets, laptop or fixed computer). As a result, ways of working are changing dramatically and organizations are becoming more responsive, working more cooperatively using these new tools.

What are the different types of collaborative tools? How to optimize your collective intelligence?

There are several types of collaborative work tools:

🔹 Storage and file sharing tools :

These allow you to view, share and manage all of your company's files online. This is one of the most widely used means of file sharing, it is called EDM (electronic document management). They have many advantages and online storage makes documents more easily accessible by everyone, the curation of these contents makes them easier to search, they replace many paper documents ... They are, moreover, very often very secure! We know, among others, tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint...

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🔹 Collaborative writing tools :

These tools allow you to work together on the same document, which allows you to be faster, to not redo what has already been done, to be more agile in adjusting errors, to take notes together... Many platforms offer this function on, we know Google document or zoho writter.

🔹 Tools for collective brainstorming :

They allow you to mobilize your ideas together for a project, a text, a collaborative work, to bring out the representations of a group, to work together around a specific task. Collaborative boards and mind maps are part of it!

🔹 Project management tools :

Project management tools are used to manage together all the steps in the conduct and monitoring of a project as well as to divide up the various tasks, to avoid wasting time redoing what has been done and to distribute tasks more intelligently.

🔹 Instant messaging tools

It's no longer possible to ignore instant messaging tools in today's business environment! Well known by the general public, this tool is becoming more and more indispensable in companies, to better communicate internally. The cause? A real saturation in front of emails! They allow us to respond better and faster, but also to survey our employees, to discuss within groups...

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🔹 Corporate intranets and social networks

A corporate social network (CSN) is a collaborative tool allowing different members of a company to centralize all the company's information on a single platform and to communicate better.

In particular, employees can work more efficiently in a group and carry out joint projects more easily to save time. We know Workplace from Facebook, Yammer or Jamespot.

🔹 Knowledge sharing platforms

It is very important for companies to be able to put the different skills in the same place. They will therefore be grouped together in a safe place and become easily accessible at any time for everyone!

How to choose your collaborative tool?

We give you our great tips for choosing a collaborative platform! If you have any doubts about which collaborative space to adopt, think about making a list of what you want, what you need and what you don't want!

We help you by listing some of the possible requests for better collaboration:

  • Ergonomics for an intuitive interface and ease of use.
  • The possible integrations to centralize all your tools to connect them together such as Google Drive, Dropbox and even your CRM tool, your calendars ...
  • The exchange and storage of your files, but also making it easier to find them.
  • The different types of profiles, whether or not access is controlled by an administrator and secure, how content is moderated.
  • How does the information figuration work and how can it be searched.
  • Customization, so that everyone has a workspace that suits them.
  • The possibility of feedback from the field, the ease to react and create interaction, but also surveys.
  • Chat, discussion and the possibilities that come with it (audio message, video).
  • The possibility of a mobile application version, especially for remote teams.
  • Video conferencing or videoconferencing and the ability to hold meetings.
  • Make it easier to manage and share tasks for better project management.

In short!

In short, make a list of your uses, your needs and the functionalities you will need! Then find out which tool will suit you best, or which tools, if you don't cover all your uses with a single tool (which is most often the case!). Very often suites will include several tools in order to become very complete (we think among others of Microsoft with Teams for messaging, SharePoint for the intranet, Yammer, Onedrive and all the Microsoft tools included (Word, OneNote, Excel...) and the possibility of integration.

It is always important to foster collaboration, as it is indispensable for the smooth running and development of a company's business! So look for the best tools, and the best collaborative tools, new platforms to facilitate communication, project management, online meetings, conversations within your team. And finally, to create a real collaborative workspace with your collaborative work tools!