Improve through the method!

If you've been following us for a while, you've probably already noticed that at Cocoom we're quite fond of methods! 

And as soon as we find a great method to solve a given problem, we share it with you in an article, we add small examples, context and sometimes even materials. In short, we make sure that this method, which we think is great, you could understand it and make it your own very, very quickly.

As we have a lot of methods in stock, we offer you a small review of everything we offer, a kind of summary in brief! Come on, let's go!

The Kaizen system is a process that aims at continuous improvement in the company. The Kaizen system comes from Japan and was created for Toyota. In the idea, the Kaizen method is to prefer an imperfect thing that exists rather than a perfect thing that does not exist.
The NERAC method is a matrix that you can implement if you need to optimize your working time. It is a counterpart of the Eisenhower matrix and the GTD method.
Regardless of the type of problem you face, the 8D method will help you find a solution. This method works as a team and requires all employees to share their expertise and experience. In addition, thanks to the 8D method, you will understand the reasons for the problem, which will allow you to avoid having to deal with it again.
PDCA method
The PDCA method was highlighted by William Edwards Deming, an American researcher who understood that the establishment of a virtuous circle could only benefit companies around the world. It makes it easier to innovate and solve problems.
By the acronym BPM we mean Business Process Management. This is a method that appeared in the 1980s. It makes it possible to identify and analyse the different processes that govern a company or department. With this method, you standardize your process-oriented writings within your structure.
At work, as in life, sometimes you feel stuck, almost overwhelmed by a problem, it has certainly happened to you, it has happened to all of us! We feel blocked because we have no idea how to respond to the given problem. Sometimes it's the other way around: we have a billion ideas and possible solutions, but we can't sort them, prioritize them and make a choice! Good news, mindmapping helps in both cases to unblock the situation!
The DACI model allows effective group decision-making. By using this method, you facilitate team decision-making.
The Eisenhower matrix is a time management analysis tool. It allows you to prioritize your tasks to increase efficiency. This tool was created following a quote from Eisenhower, President of the United States, who said,"What is important is rarely urgent and what is rarely urgent is rarely important.
To achieve a goal quickly, it may be worthwhile to set intermediate objectives. These objectives are an interesting lever in terms of management since they allow you to follow a project as it goes along.
Teamwork and teamwork
When you have many missions, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start and how to organize yourself to work effectively. Do you know the GTD method? No ? Come on, we'll explain it to you.
The OKR method is a company management method that allows you to quickly set objectives to be achieved. Here, the objectives indicate the direction the company must take. Key results indicate whether the objectives are being met and, if not, they allow you to understand what went wrong and how to get there next time.

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