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Document management on Cocoom !

At work, we've all been searching for a document for more than ten minutes, playing guessing games to find the potential name of that document, desperately trying to figure out which of the two final versions of the document was really THE final version (it's "final_final.pdf" or "final.pdf"?), we even try to guess how our colleague would have arranged the document in question... And sometimes, we even find ourselves courageously going back up the thread of a team conversation to find a document that is several days old (hello tendinitis!)!

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In short, finding simple documents can quickly become a real investigator's job!

Did you know that searching for a document is ten times more expensive for a company than producing it?

Records management is good. Contextualized is better!
A quick reminder: when we talk about document management systems, we often talk about GED (electronic document management), whose purpose is to accompany company documents throughout their life cycle. From their creation to their conservation, management and distribution, documents take a long way in the workplace!

To find a document, we search it in the search bar of our messaging application, our company google drive... in short, where our company has decided to store its documents!

That's where it gets tough!

Which keyword to type in the search bar? How do I know what title has been given to the document I want?

Knowing that a document title often consists of only 2 or 3 words, you have to aim right! And if, in addition, this document has a title with personal abbreviations, it becomes really complex (you are looking for the English brochure of a product A, if the title of the document is "prez_pdtA_Angl.pdf" you have to hang on!).

This is where contextualized electronic document management (TADAAAM ) comes in!
On Cocoom, digital documents are shared in your publications. Let's imagine for example that you make a publication following the release of your new XY range in which the A and B products are included.

So you write your article and at the end of this article you propose two documents for download: the sales forecast for product A and the sales forecast for product B. But, as you have your own jargon, you call these documents 'prev.vente.pdtA' and 'prev.vente.pdtB' (and that's not very nice for your employees).

2 months later, one of your colleagues wants to compare the actual sales made with the expected sales two months earlier for product A. He is not going to look for your shared publication two months earlier on Cocoom by going up the publication thread, and he is right! So he's going to go to the search bar! There is no chance, however, that he will type 'prev.vente.pdtA' (if he does, don't play Memory against that person)...

But as, on Cocoom, your document is in a publication with many other words, it is de facto associated with these words, so that your collaborator searches for "XY Range" or "Product A" or "Product B" or "Sales forecast Product A"... he will find the publication in question and therefore the right document! He's too strong your collaborator! No need to invest in new document management software. And everyone will have easy access to your important documents.

But that's not all!

You wanted more, no problem!

There is another advantage to EDM on Cocoom! Usually, when we search for a document, we don't have a context around it (How do we use it? How to use it? To what extent can I consult it, or modify it? etc.). But on Cocoom, when your super collaborator finds the document he was looking for, this document is in a publication that gives it context. The publication may provide instructions on how to use the document, an explanation of how it is constructed. The information is therefore better understood and the documents better used! Nice, isn't it? A definite gain in company performance.


That's great! That's great! And it's very soon on Cocoom!

This new document management is coming in September on Cocoom! For now, you can already share your documents and find them by searching for a keyword in the title of the publication. A little more patience!

In short, on Cocoom, as your digital documents are shared in publications, it is finally all the words of this publication that will become a potential search keyword to find the desired document! It expands the possibilities a lot, doesn't it? And that is a real time-saver.

You can find your documents more easily, without wasting time and without tearing your hair out!

Finally, easy document management, isn't it? You have all the keys to optimizing the life cycle of your documents.
In addition, Cocoom in its basic version is free software.


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