Our price according to your number of users

A simple and clear offer to start autonomously and control your budget


up to 50 users
  • lifetime
The essential features
  • Newsletter
  • EDM 1 Go / user
  • AAD authentification
  • Teams integration


more than 50 users
  / user /month
  • Sliding scale of charges
Dedicated to your knowledge                 
  • Newsletter
  • EDM 1 Go / user
  • Slack integration
  • Teams integration
  • Customization
  • Multi-platform hub
  • PWA mobile application

How to calculate your monthly price?

The prices are fixed according to the profile and the volume of users per profile by following the tariffs by bracket. You have to count the users of each bracket, apply the appropriate price and then add all the brackets to obtain the global price.

For example for 575 admin/contributors + 1100 readers:
– monthly cost admin/contributors : (500*2€)+(75*1,5€) = 1112€
– monthly reader costs : (50*2€)+(50*1€)+(1000*0,5€) = 750€

Sliding scale of charges per user profile

We have two types of profiles used for pricing:
– Administrator/Contributor: these are users who can modify the structure of the platform and/or publish information.
– Readers: these are users who can only read and interact with the content.
Details of their respective rights are listed in our HelpCenter: https://help.cocoom.com/advanced/users.html

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