How to make a suggestion box perform ?

A suggestion box is a great way to gather feedback from employees, customers or any other stakeholder. However, having an idea box is not enough to make it effective. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips on how to

Knowledge sharing, in companies!

Knowledge sharing is critical to a company’s success; it can facilitate decision-making, create learning organizations and stimulate innovation.  But we are already receiving a very impressive amount of information, and this continuously!  👉 Discover the “Project Management” template pack It’s

action plan
The practical guide to writing an effective action...

You start a project, realize your vision, implement something new… So how to write a solid action plan?  We tell you everything!  By the way, an action plan, what is it? An action plan is a list of steps or

Let’s take an update on problem solving!

A dissatisfaction on a specific point, non-compliant products or even a broken down elevator… In a company, it happens very frequently that we face problems, whether it is in the context of a project or daily life at the office. 

Idea box
4 tips to set up an effective suggestion box in yo...

🚀 Article - Discover the usefulness of setting up an idea box in your company! We tell you everything in this article!

Discover the AGILE method!

What is agile methodology? And what is it used for in project management? As we know, the art of software development is special and a little different from other types of projects. It requires an adaptable and flexible team, ready

How to write a project scoping note?

The purpose of project scoping is to ensure that the right problem is addressed, from the right perspective, by the right people. In short, that you ask yourself the right questions! Framing a project right from the start will help

The 8D Method – How to easily solve your pro...

The 8D method is part of the Deming wheel. It will help you to find effective and sustainable solutions to the problems your company is facing.

Microsoft Reinvents Virtual Collaboration with New...

Microsoft has announced a set of new features for Microsoft Teams! These features make virtual interactions more engaging. Moving towards a more hybrid model of working and learning. With the new features of Microsoft Teams, users can benefit from greater

The BPM method

The BPM (Business Process Management) method helps you to standardize your process-oriented writings within your structure.

Making your interview a success

The interview is your first foot in the door. It's the time to make a good impression. Put all the chances on your side with our advice!

Teams App
Customize your experience on the Microsoft Teams a...

Like Slack, Zoom and other messaging applications, Microsoft Teams is a multi-platform service. So you can use it on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android, and even on the web. This means that there are many ways to modify Teams to

Tips to boost your SharePoint usage!

Tips to boost your SharePoint usage! How to really find what you are looking for on Microsoft <a href=””>SharePoint</a> ? Because yes Sharepoint is a great tool that can make your life easier, and be a real data source for

The 5 best free drives! Cloud Storage

Online storage: the best drives! Discover our selection of the 5 best Drive storage services! Let’s take stock! #1 – Google Drive Price: Free (then from 1.99 €/month for more storage) 15 GB of space Unlimited photo storage Sharing with

How to communicate within a cluster? Extranet

A cluster is a network that brings together a group of companies in a given sector, which maintain cooperative relations between them and partnership links with institutions (training and research centres, laboratories, funding sources, associations, etc.). These links are coordinated

Choosing the right collaborative tools!

Setting up a company collaborative platform (digital workplace) and boosting its performance by choosing the right tool? Online collaborative tools allow employees to work in a single workspace that is customized and adapted to their needs. They can centralize all

Tips and tricks on One Drive!

Tips and tricks on One Drive! Your computer bug and all your files disappearing? That’s a scenario you’d rather not contemplate! But fortunately Microsoft One Drive allows you to download and sync all your files from all your devices, whether

employee handbook
How to write an employee handbook that will be rea...

How to write an employee handbook that will be read?  For 74% of HRDs, n Onboarding is a top priority in terms of employee experience (versus 61% in 2018 and 63% in 2019). Source : Parlons RH It is well

exemple Handbook
5 employee handbook ideas to copy & take as a...

Welcoming your employees is a crucial issue for companies. It is at this moment, very often, that your employees decide whether they will stay or not! The employee handbook is one of the essential tools of onboarding!  So, let’s take

How to communicate well around a project?

How to communicate well around a project? The objectives of project communication are to enable all stakeholders and your teams to have a common vision of the rationale and objectives of the project. It is necessary that all your collaborators