Discover the visual internal communication

We make internal communication simple to create and visually attractive
& we integrate it to the tools you already know

Visual internal communication?

Structured information
to be understood!

A little bit of UX

Structured memos with visual blocks adapted to the reading and comprehension of the information

A lot of methodology

Structured templates according to a business expertise and that sticks to your professional needs

Cognitive Sciences

Calculated read times to keep your readers on the go

mail versus visual knowledge

Less text & structured information !

To be effective, your knowledge must be very synthetic and well structured, our attention span (especially in companies) is very short, what we read must be brief and easy to understand in order to be retained.

UX, Cognitive Science, Methodology

Cocoom is a multidisciplinary team ready to tackle issues such as silos! If you don’t have the same job, the same culture, the same hierarchical level then you will have to popularize your knowledge if you want it to break down the silos of your organization.


MEMOS : Our visual difference !


Helping you to popularize and structure your message

Empower Teams with integrated internal communication