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Diversify your offer by proposing a Visual Knowledge Management solution, and training courses adapted to learning how to use them.

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Integrator ?

👉 You are a Microsoft integrations specialist, you want to complete your offer with a solution that integrates perfectly with Microsoft Team and brings value to the messaging service.

👉 You would also like to offer training courses for the proper structuring and implementation of Teams?

– Boosting commitment
– Usage audit
– Structuring Microsoft Teams
– Knowledge Management Solution

Integrator, consulting firm

👉 You have a business expertise and want to offer your customers a high-performance knowledge management solution?
👉 You would like to have a tool to manage your strategy at your customer’s site?

The « tool” here serves the company’s human capital. And we love it!

Having followed the entire integration phase of Cocoom for an industrial company (which said itself in the prehistoric age of internal com), I can tell you to what extent COCOOM adapts to all business situations in order to move towards better …

Nathalie Sahuc, Consultante chez Pretexte de Com