Hey Cocoom integrates perfectly with Microsoft Teams! To find out what Microsoft Teams is for, go to 👇.

 What it’s used Microsoft Teams for ?

Cocoom integrates to Teams! And that’s great!

Cocoom is naturally integrated into your Microsoft Teams environment! Find directly in your Teams channels the Cocoom Memos, which will bring meaning to the rest of your Digital Workplace. With Cocoom in Teams, you’ll boost your team experience!

microsoft teams integration

What’s next?

Microsoft Teams allows you to simply communicate with all your colleagues and exchange a lot of information, documents and comments instantly. Cocoom will allow you to boost the use of Teams! To find more easily documents and information lost in your threads and to have a broad vision on the strategy! Find directly your Cocoom memos in the channels that correspond to their thematic threads that’s how Cocoom integrates with Teams!

👉 Find out how to Boost the use of Microsoft Teams! 

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