What is a corporate social network?

Social networks are also coming into our businesses. And yes, there is room for the corporate social network to boost our internal communication and collaboration.

More than 80% of CAC 40 companies have set up a corporate social network, and 75% of them have set up a group-wide social network that is accessible to all employees.

So what is a corporate social network? What are the main corporate social networks? What are the alternatives to traditional corporate social networks?

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> Workplace by Facebook

Facebook, the great giant of social networks, also has its own platform dedicated to companies called Workplace!

Its interface is similar to Facebook’s, so Workplace it has a real advantage because it is familiar and accessible to all!

It allows you to create groups to organize your projects into teams, to stream live video in the blink of an eye to address your entire team, or to work with other companies within a group.

In short, a very complete tool for communication and teamwork.


Microsoft’s Yammer is another corporate social network whose interface is also unremarkable Facebook .

Yammer will allow you to improve the transmission of information within your company, to better perform your tasks through better communication (groups, messaging…).

The rest of the Office suite is also integrated into the platform, allowing you to easily view and edit your documents.

> Jamespot

Jamespot is a corporate social network whose goal is to increase the productivity of companies of all sizes.

In particular, it has a good ability to integrate with other software and other applications – such as a CRM – so that all your actions and tasks performed converge on your Jamespot platform.

A real plus to boost communication between employees at all levels.

> Azendoo

Azendoo will allow you to optimize the management of your tasks in your company.

Create and manage teams around projects and exchange easily with your collaborators thanks to the conversation wall.

You can also get very useful reports and dashboards to manage your projects.

> TalkSpirit

TalkSpirit is also a very ergonomic and practical collaborative platform that allows you to gather all your content and share the knowledge present in your company.

The tool also facilitates the dissemination of information through structured and organized conversations!

> InterStis

InterStis is also a collaborative platform for teams who want to communicate better,

advance their projects and lighten their mailboxes. It is easy to use and secure, and has no user limit.

> Joincube

Joinclub is an all-in-one CSR solution that optimizes teamwork!

With Joincube, you can easily exchange documents, send messages, create groups and projects, as well as efficiently search and analyze the data you need.

> EXo Platform

With this tool, you will be able to create a social intranet that will allow everyone to be connected to each other and follow all the news that is important to you!

It is an open source platform which aims to help you to manage all your missions and to transmit knowledge in the company.

> Mushin

Mushin is a corporate social media, so it’s a bit peculiar because it focuses on “visual collaboration”.

In short, it is designed to optimize the sharing of visual content and therefore it puts images, visuals rather than text to the fore! It is therefore not suitable for all activities!

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