Tips to boost your SharePoint usage!

Tips to boost your SharePoint usage! How to really find what you are looking for on Microsoft <a href=””>SharePoint</a> ? Because yes Sharepoint is a great tool that can make your life easier, and be a real data source for

The 5 best free drives! Cloud Storage

Online storage: the best drives! Discover our selection of the 5 best Drive storage services! Let’s take stock! #1 – Google Drive Price: Free (then from 1.99 €/month for more storage) 15 GB of space Unlimited photo storage Sharing with

How to communicate within a cluster? Extranet

A cluster is a network that brings together a group of companies in a given sector, which maintain cooperative relations between them and partnership links with institutions (training and research centres, laboratories, funding sources, associations, etc.). These links are coordinated

Choosing the right collaborative tools!

Setting up a company collaborative platform (digital workplace) and boosting its performance by choosing the right tool? Online collaborative tools allow employees to work in a single workspace that is customized and adapted to their needs. They can centralize all

Tips and tricks on One Drive!

Tips and tricks on One Drive! Your computer bug and all your files disappearing? That’s a scenario you’d rather not contemplate! But fortunately Microsoft One Drive allows you to download and sync all your files from all your devices, whether

Discover Visual Knowledge Management!

Let’s discover Visual Knowledge Management! But what is Visual Knowledge Management? There is an incredible amount of knowledge, skills, know-how and processes in a company. The knowledge of your employees, your customers, your suppliers is the most valuable asset your

What’s Slack for?

What’s Slack for? Instant messaging tools (Messenger for Facebook, WhatsApp…) have invaded our daily lives and the working world has not remained on the sidelines of this invasion! Microsoft Teams comes to mind! It was in this context that Slack

What are the alternatives to Slack?

What are the alternatives to Slack? Slack remains one of the best known collaborative communication platforms. Slack has been around since 2014 and facilitates teamwork with its many features: group messages, voice and video calls, private messages, file exchange and

What’s Yammer for?

What’s Yammer for? Used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide, Yammer is the internal corporate social network. It’s a private social network where you can connect with the right people, share information within your teams and organize projects. The communications on this

What is a corporate social network?

What is a corporate social network? Social networks are also coming into our businesses. And yes, there is room for the corporate social network to boost our internal communication and collaboration. More than 80% of CAC 40 companies have set

What are the opinions on Teams?

What are the opinions about Microsoft Teams? It’s been more than three years since Microsoft Teams came out and its rise has been dazzling! Launched at the end of 2016, with a final version in 2017, the collaborative messaging that

A strong strategy and visible results with the OKR...

We sometimes tend to lose sight of our objectives, to move away from the overall strategy of the company. We lose time, teams become less and less committed, find no meaning in their missions and, in the long run, this