Microsoft Reinvents Virtual Collaboration with New...

Microsoft has announced a set of new features for Microsoft Teams! These features make virtual interactions more engaging. Moving towards a more hybrid model of working and learning. With the new features of Microsoft Teams, users can benefit from greater

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Customize your experience on the Microsoft Teams a...

Like Slack, Zoom and other messaging applications, Microsoft Teams is a multi-platform service. So you can use it on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android, and even on the web. This means that there are many ways to modify Teams to

Slack Vs Microsoft Teams: what to choose?

Slack Vs Teams : what to choose ? Slack vs Teams ? Microsoft Teams, one of today’s most powerful tools, was almost never created! In 2016, Satya Nadella and Bill Gates met to discuss an important subject. They wanted to

The Talkie-Walkie, the new feature of Microsoft Te...

The Talkie-Walkie, the new feature of Microsoft Teams! Microsoft has added new features for front-line workers using its team collaboration application, including a new “walkie-talkie” feature. But by the way! What is Microsoft Teams for?   With 200 million active

State of Microsoft Teams for 2020!

Microsoft Teams’ state of play for 2020! So what’s in store for Microsoft Teams in 2020? Building on the solid foundation laid in 2019, Microsoft is ready to take Teams to the next level! Everyone agrees that Microsoft Teams is

How to make a successful meeting on Teams!

How to organize a meeting on Teams! Ah the meetings! Whether you like them or hate them, they remain a necessary part of office life, even in the modern workplace. However, the tools we use to organize and attend meetings

Microsoft offers you premium Teams for the next si...

🔥 News - To support workers and companies, Microsoft Teams offers its solution for free for six months!

What is Microsoft Teams for?

What is Microsoft Teams for? Instant messaging tools (Messenger for Facebook, WhatsApp…) and collaborative platforms (Workplace by Facebook) have invaded our daily lives and the working world has not remained on the sidelines of this invasion (Slack comes to mind)!

What’s Yammer for?

What’s Yammer for? Used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide, Yammer is the internal corporate social network. It’s a private social network where you can connect with the right people, share information within your teams and organize projects. The communications on this

How much does Teams cost?

How much does Teams cost? Microsoft Teams Price On March 14, 2017, Microsoft released the final version of Teams. One year later, the results are there! Indeed, in three years, the rise of Microsoft Teams has been dazzling. Launched at the

Can Microsoft Teams be used as an intranet?

Microsoft Teams peut-il servir d’intranet ? Les utilisateurs cherchent souvent à savoir s’ils peuvent se créer un intranet efficace grâce à Microsoft Teams. Et la réponse est « pas vraiment, non ». Bien qu’il existe certaines capacités qui se chevauchent

Tips to boost Teams!

Let’s learn how to boost Teams? Today, most companies work in “project mode” with cross-functional teams, partners and customers! Microsoft Teams is more and more used in companies but do you know all the tricks to boost Teams? How to use

What’s the latest on corporate instant messa...

Collaborative tools: Setting up instant messaging in the company to be efficient What’s the status on the instant messaging? It’s not really an invention, but rather a link that has been made between consumer messaging applications that already knew millions

What are the opinions on Teams?

What are the opinions about Microsoft Teams? It’s been more than three years since Microsoft Teams came out and its rise has been dazzling! Launched at the end of 2016, with a final version in 2017, the collaborative messaging that

How do I install Teams in my company?

Mais d’ailleurs ! À quoi sert Microsoft Teams ? The steps?   Step 1 : Create your first channels and teams in Microsoft Teams Step 2 : Invite first users Step 3 : Monitor the use of your new tool!  Step 4 : Deploy!   Where to start

Cocoom in Microsoft Teams!

Comment Cocoom s’intègre à Microsoft Teams  ? Hey Cocoom s’intègre parfaitement à Microsoft Teams ! Pour découvrir à quoi sert Microsoft Teams c’est par là 👇  À quoi sert Microsoft Teams ? Mais c’est super ça ! Cocoom s’intègre naturellement à votre

A strong strategy and visible results with the OKR...

We sometimes tend to lose sight of our objectives, to move away from the overall strategy of the company. We lose time, teams become less and less committed, find no meaning in their missions and, in the long run, this