Idea box

Idea boxes, whether they are real physical boxes, or take on a more digital form, can bring a lot to your business if used properly! 

But if they are set up in the wrong way, they can quickly become a place only for complaints and claims or not be used – at all. 

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Why have a suggestion box?

For companies that want to improve employee engagement, a suggestion box can be very useful. Employees can give their opinions and make suggestions to improve the company! This format can also be used to survey the entire team, to look for various solutions to a given problem. 

In general, the suggestion box allows employees to feel more involved in their company. Suggestion boxes boost employee morale. However, this of course only works if the ideas/suggestions are implemented and concerns addressed. 

Some tips for a working suggestion box: 

Make your intentions known

From the outset, emphasize to employees that you focus on constructive, results-oriented suggestions. Specify the level of detail you expect, the format, etc.

Give examples 

Encourage your employees to make proposals by, for example, making a list of the types of ideas you would like to receive, with a few examples for reference.

Determine who will review these new ideas

If possible, create a committee or working group to review employee suggestions. Ensure that this group includes employees from several levels of your organization so that all proposals have the opportunity to be considered from several perspectives. This way, your employees will be encouraged to submit a proposal, knowing that their ideas will be thoroughly reviewed.

Ask for solutions 

Ask your employees to provide, as much as possible, potential solutions to the problems they raise!

Drop the anonymity 

Nobody wants to give their good ideas anonymously! A good idea has an owner and he must not be dispossessed of his good idea. 

Share your feedback

Suggestions should not go unanswered! When you receive an idea/suggestion, make it your duty to examine it within a reasonable period of time. Be sure to provide feedback/comment for all suggestions, so that employees can understand why their ideas were approved or rejected. But let them know that the ideas are indeed being considered!

Communicate around implemented (and successful) ideas.

Share the details of the improvements that have been implemented with the entire organization. This brings recognition to the employee who made the suggestion, and shows the entire company that the ideas become real innovations! 

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