What is the state of internal communications in 2020?

As every year, Gatehouse has published its “State of the Sector 2020”. A rather strong dossier that gives a complete overview of the internal communication sector in companies in 2020. But what is there to remember?

Flemme to read? Let’s take stock in computer graphics!

Internal com’ Graphic design

The internal com’ in short!

Which is positive!

In 2019, the criticism was that there was a real lack of budget and recognition for the internal communications professions… But in 2020, things are changing!
Communicators were not given enough prominence and were not included in company decisions. In addition, they did not necessarily have a budget specifically allocated for internal communication!
Indeed, in 2019 it was less than €1.50 per user and per month granted to internal communication on average!
Thanks to this new study, we can see that the internal communications professions are taking up more and more space, that more and more resources are being allocated to them and that they are gaining more and more recognition!
So what are the challenges for the year 2020?
> One of the real big challenges for the coming years will be to learn how to better manage the flow of information to which employees are subject! Too much information kills information, and this is one of the main barriers to good internal com’!
> Challenge #2: local managers always in the firing line!
This was the case in 2019, and it is still the case in 2020, training managers in internal communication is an O-BLI-GA-TION!

Hello! Do you read me?
In a world where there are more and more communication channels, messages are becoming blurred and employees are harder to reach (REALLY)! It is therefore essential not to multiply communication techniques and to clearly define which messages are conveyed by which means!

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