What’s Yammer for?

Used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide, Yammer is the internal corporate social network. It’s a private social network where you can connect with the right people, share information within your teams and organize projects.

The communications on this tool are secured and visible only to the people in your organization, in short, only your employees have access to their new tool!

Unlike most of today’s intranets which tend to be quite informative, it allows and facilitates collaboration, in a nutshell it allows every employee to have a voice!

What is Yammer? How do I use Yammer? What is Yammer used for? How does Yammer work? Why use Yammer? What are the advantages of Yammer? What are the features of Yammer? Why use Yammer? How do I use Yammer? What are the opinions about Yammer?

By the way, what is a corporate social network? 

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What is Yammer?

This is a service of social network, but thought this time for internal communication. It is created by Geni to help employees connect and communicate with each other in their company. The tool is a huge success and it quickly becomes a company in September 2008.

This success therefore attracts covetousness and Yammer quickly attracted the attention of many buyers and was finally acquired by Microsoft in 2012. Microsoft then integrated this new product into its Office 365 suite (which includes Microsoft Teams) in 2014.

Today, Yammer is used by 85% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.

To put it simply, Yammer is like the company’s Facebook. A very, very complete Facebook, where your friends are replaced by your colleagues, your announcements are replaced by company reminders and your updates relate to events, questions and problems that your colleagues are trying to solve.

What are the advantages of Yammer?

> Access your information anywhere and anytime!

This tool has a desktop and mobile application, so you can use it from your computer, but also from your smartphone or tablet! So you can access all your information anywhere and anytime!

> Be more accessible and responsive!

Firstly, this new tool will allow you to receive and send information quickly and to highlight the content posted by your collaborators, so you will be more reactive! Anyone can publish on Yammer, there is no need to wait for your publication to be validated by your hierarchy!

This accelerates the flow of ideas, feedback and key knowledge between employees and fosters team cohesion and collaboration!

> Bye bye email!

Tired of coming back from holidays and finding your pro mailbox full of messages with a more or less limited interest in time. With Yammer you kill little by little the internal emails and view more easily the threads of past conversations that wouldn’t deserve to be read once the date of the event has passed for example .

> Share moments of life, get inspired, get motivated!

Yammer is useful for inspiring and being inspired. It allows you to share the successes of your company, your team or your personal successes. This way you share about important moments in the life of your company. This allows you to motivate your employees! It also allows you to share feedback, but also on failures and therefore on lessons learned, which allows you to improve your processes and not reproduce a mistake that has already been made by one of your employees, Yammer allows you to grow your collective intelligence!

> Ask your teams!

Centralize the opinions of employees by publishing a survey! This integrated survey tool is a good alternative to doodle when it comes to finding a date that suits the majority of employees.

> Share everyone’s knowledge!

With your tool you can ask questions, search for existing expertise and learn in a playful way from your employees. The tool therefore helps everyone to know what other colleagues are doing and facilitates the building of a knowledge-sharing community. So you break down silos! This can be particularly useful if you want to know if someone has already worked on a subject you are addressing.

> Make it easy for newcomers to Onboard!

This tool is also very useful for integrating new employees. Getting to know a company also means getting to know its jargon, interests and informal information. So by accessing this tool your new employee will be able to learn more about your company and how it works!

In short!

Yammer is a key tool in the world of work. It invites everyone to collaborate and share their knowledge!

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