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Welcoming your employees is a crucial issue for companies. It is at this moment, very often, that your employees decide whether they will stay or not! The employee handbook is one of the essential tools of onboarding! 

So, let’s take the example of good students; here are 5 very original employee handbooks to inspire you: 


Published for the first time in 2012, this “Handbook for new employees” is original, funny and very complete! 

You can find the full version online: here! 👈

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Humour in the service of information 


Created in 2012, the “little red book” is not fully available online, but here are some excerpts: 

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The simplicity of graphics

The importance of the company’s mission


Here, the employee handbook is not a booklet as such, but simply a map. This card has a simple message: “Use your good judgement in all situations”. 

That’s it! 

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Hijacking the employee handbook to convey a main message

Sterling Gold Mining Corporation

The paper version? A bit outdated, isn’t it? Here, the employee handbook is online, just one page to scroll down to get the essential information you need when you arrive in the company! 

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A digital employee handbook, easily and quickly accessible wherever you are! 


The Netflix employee handbook is also available online for free at https://igormroz.com/documents/netflix_culture.pdf”>Netflix employee handbook!  How does it work? It starts from the company’s culture and values, and makes them applicable, quite simply! 

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The culture and values of the company at the heart of everything 


The proof by example, Trello’s employee handbook is… A Trello painting! If that’s not setting an example, what is? 

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The use of digital for the employee handbook 

An interactive employee handbook

As you can see from these examples, there are many ways to approach your employee handbook. Start with the basics and values of your company and, if you need a boost, dedicate this article!

And at Cocoom?

Just like Trello, our employee handbook is integrated directly into our Cocoom tool! Our new employees can simply discover (and complete) all the information on their Cocoom tool thanks to adapted templates.

And to learn how to write your employee handbook:

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